We believe that people learn best in a social context and prefer mentoring three or more young people as a group. You may be asking how group mentoring differs from one of our courses. With each of our courses, we provide curriculum/materials and do considerable planning outside of class. With group mentoring, the parent(s)/guardian(s) provide materials and do the prep work and we facilitate the accomplishment of goals laid out by the parent(s)/guardian(s) and students. In some ways, group mentoring is akin to a group study session where students are all basically working on the same thing toward a common goal. If you are interested in group mentoring for your child(ren) please contact us and let us know their age(s), the subject area or other kind of mentoring you are interested in, and the number of hours a week you are looking for. We’ll work towards establishing a group and contact you about particulars. Both Ann and Peter are available for group tutoring.

When it’s chilly outside, group tutoring is indoors and in person. When the weather warms up, tutoring is in person and meets in our outdoor classroom.

$15 per one-hour session.

$125 per 10 sessions purchased upfront. 

Requires at least three students and capped at 6 students.