Our use both materials that students have been using at home and supplementary material including computer-based and non-computer-based games, work with manipulatives, and the strategic use of worksheets. Content will follow the CA state standards at the appropriate grade level for each student <https://tinyurl.com/MathStdsCA> with emphasis on particular student needs. Hands-on Math is taught Ann Kindfield.

We group children by age so we can select activities that match their current skills and to facilitate collaboration. Historically, we’ve had 2 groups: K/Early Elementary (5-7yo) and Upper Elementary/Middle School (8-14yo). Both groups meet for 1hr/week and cost $180.

Classes require at least two students and we try to cap all of our classes at 6 students.

When it’s chilly outside, Hands-on Math is an indoor, in-person class. When the weather warms up, Hands-on Math is in person and meets in our outdoor classroom. We practice social distancing. Masks and weekly temperature checks are required.

No Hands-on Math classes have been scheduled yet for Spring ’22. If at least 2 students sign up for one of the groups, we will run the course starting the week of February 7, so please let us know if you are interested!