As someone with a tendency to analyze, I am an odd wholistic educator. Fortunately for me (and I think for all of our meaning making enterprises), wholism is not a belief that simplifying situations by separating wholes into component parts and isolating them from their contexts and connections is a bad practice. It is a belief that it is always important, even when analyzing, to remain aware of complexity, context, connections and cooperation.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about adding a fifth “C” to my favorite alliterative quartet: curiosity. While the first of my four Cs seem concerned with what we look for in the world, I see this this new fourth more like an attitude. Curiosity implies a certain comfort with chaos and confusion even as we seek to understand. As opposed to attempting to prove the truth, wholists seeks to construct a glimmer of understanding while accepting that the best we can do is make meaning and sense that, at its best, will be useful but will never directly correspond to the complexity of that which we are trying to understand.

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