Next time someone tells you it’s a dog eats dog world tell them:

Dogs don’t eat dogs. Canines are in fact highly cooperative and when they do fight, it’s rarely to the death.


Cooperative integration, or working together, is just as much a feature of the natural world as competition. Electrons work together with protons and neutrons to form atoms including atoms of oxygen, hydrogen and carbon. Atoms work together with each other to make molecules like water and sugar. Small molecules work together to compose biological macromolecules such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Biological macromolecules work together to form sub-cellular structures like a cell’s membrane. Sub-cellular structures work together to form cells such as nerve cells. Cells work together to form tissues like muscle tissue. Tissues work together to form organs like a heart. Organs work together to form organ systems like the circulatory system. Organ systems work together to form organisms such as human beings. Organisms (including dogs) work together to form communities. Communities work together with abiotic components to form ecosystems. And ecosystems work together to form Gaia, our planetary-wide geo-biosphere.

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