Learning should be fun and should expand, extend and enrich your child’s interests and understandings. 

For example, if your child loves to free build with Legos, encourage them to do so. If they don’t know about cantilevering or symmetry work with them to demonstrate those design concepts and challenge them to incorporate them into their buildings. If they love to cook, cook with them and if your kids are young help them develop their vocabulary while describing what they hear, smell and taste as you cook and or help them come to use measuring tools and come to understand fractions, and proportions if they’re older.

Your child(ren) have certain actions they can do and concepts they understand now. There are also actions and concepts that are currently out of their range. In between are the things they can do with help. That is where learning happens. We can call it the learning zone. You used this concept when you helped your early-toddler learn to walk. When they could crawl and stand on their own but couldn’t quite walk, you held their hand so they could work on getting one foot in front of the other without falling.

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