I think one of the most important activities any of us could engage in right now, is growing food. Growing our own food is good for us in so many ways: it connects us with nature, homegrown food is more nutritious, getting our hands in soil can makes us happy via contact with soil bacteria and growing our own food makes us more self-reliant. Growing our own food is also wonderful for the planet: it reduces factory farming, reduces the mount fuel used moving food from there to here, and builds soil, one of our more precious slow to renew resources. Finally, for those of you with a revolutionary bent, growing our own food is a revolutionary act that reduces our dependence on the corporate-capitalist machine.

In past tips, I’ve talked about sprouting beans, indoor gardens and raised beds and Sarvie has been sharing her sheet mulched greenhouse project with us. Today’s activity is an introductory level activity like sprouting beans that will also be fun for experienced gardening families. There are a bunch of plants that can be regrown from kitchen scraps. I hope that you and your children have fun and learn a lot by following the simple guidelines on how to do that, laid out at this web-site!

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